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        公司簡介  about us
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        Taizhou city Luqiao District okeene mechanical equipment factory is a professional engaged in vibration development, production and sales as one of professional technology enterprises, the spirit of people-oriented management philosophy, customer management principle of respect, continuous improvement, quality excellence, to provide first-class products and service for customers. The purpose of the work is to arrange the disordered workpiece in order and order neatly and accurately to the next process through vibration.
        The vibrating tray feeding equipment produced in our factory is widely used in light industry machinery, electronic and electrical appliances, clock and standard parts, pharmaceutical industry, hardware industry, plastic connector, battery, food packaging machinery, testing and other industries.
        Products include: automatic feeding vibration plate, automatic feed bin, linear feeder, electronic control, vibration platform, vertical vibrator, automatic counting and packing system etc.. Automatic, semi-automatic equipment modification and design. In order to reduce the cost of customers, we also undertake maintenance services for imported and domestic vibratory plates.
        Our aim is to develop, design and develop high quality products and provide first-class after-sales service for all kinds of production enterprises with high quality, high level and high efficiency.
        All the products made in our factory. The factory is free of charge for you to install and debug. Warranty three years, life-long maintenance. Perennial tracking services for you to remove worries.

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